Your Draft Ceremony Plan

Stage 1: Music for entering and leaving the church

The bride's entrance and leaving the church as a married couple are special parts of any wedding, and usually music is played to reflect the mood of these moments. Traditionally, music is played by an organist, and organ music suits a church’s acoustics, but recorded music from a CD or MP3 player is also a possibility if the church has the right facilities. Ask your vicar about what the church can offer.

Bride's entrance

Music for this moment might be gentle, dramatic, emotional and touching, but always positive. The type of music you choose may depend on the size of the church and which songs or music really mean something to you both. These are some popular, classic pieces, but you can talk to your vicar for advice about your own ideas too:

Leaving the church

Music for this part of your ceremony is always upbeat and cheerful. These are some popular, traditional classics, but you can talk to your vicar if you’d like something different: